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Joel Hanrahan leaves game with tight forearm, will get MRI

Joel Hanrahan will receive an MRI on his right forearm after experiencing tightness in it during Monday night's game.

Jim Rogash

Joel Hanrahan left Monday night's game in the ninth inning with right forearm tightness, and will receive an MRI to determine if there's any structural damage at work.

The injury occured on Joel Hanrahan's 20th pitch of the ninth inning, notably after he had already surrendered a game-tying homer to Brian Dozier. Hanrahan was relatively fresh off a short sting on the disabled list for a strained hamstring, only reclaiming his role as Boston's closer thanks to his competition in Andrew Bailey also requiring a trip to the DL.

The sad reality of the situation is that, for most Red Sox fans, this will be welcomed as good news. Nobody should hope for injuries, especially to players on the team they root for. But given Hanrahan's terrible performance this season and the fact that he was likely to still be getting important innings even after tonight, it's entirely possible that this injury will end up saving Boston a few runs--possibly even a few games--should Hanrahan need to miss any significant amount of time.