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Andrew Bailey to undergo biceps MRI

The Red Sox closer has been quietly shut down with biceps soreness, and will have it checked out in Boston.

Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

While the Red Sox were wrapping up their road trip in Texas, they were without closer Andrew Bailey, who hasn't pitched since April 28. His biceps has been sore of late, and he's scheduled for an MRI in Boston on Monday in order to see what is wrong with it, if anything.

Manager John Farrell mentioned that part of the reason for the exam is for peace of mind, so maybe the Red Sox aren't concerned it's something serious, and just want Bailey to feel confident in being able to pitch without injuring himself further. If it turns out that there's something there worth some additional rest, however -- like with John Lackey's biceps inflammation earlier in the season -- then Bailey can be placed on the disabled list retroactive to April 29.

The muscle is about the only similarity between the two injuries at this point, according to Farrell:

"No, John's was in the belly of the muscle," said Farrell. "Down, closer in the mid range of the muscle. This is a little bit higher up. Obviously, he's getting some inflammation in there. To what extent, that's where the tests are going to come [in handy]."

Inflammation, and nothing more, would be a welcome result. It would be problematic for the Red Sox if Bailey were to miss time with arm problems, even with their deep bullpen: not only are they already dealing with reliever injuries, but Bailey is arguably their top arm in the pen, and his loss would be significant.

It's very likely we'll hear of the results from the MRI on Monday, as it was scheduled for the morning, giving the Red Sox time to check the scans over.