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MLB Draft 2013: Keith Law's updated mock draft changes Red Sox pick

Another high school outfielder enters the mix, one week before the draft.

Mike Stobe

Keith Law has introduced a new name into the potential future Red Sox discussion on Thursday with his release of an updated mock draft. Law says that high school outfielder Austin Meadows could be Boston's pick now, in part because the entire draft order he's suggesting is screwy compared to what we're used to, as he says the Houston Astros will take Colin Moran at #1.

For reference, the Red Sox have been linked to Moran multiple times -- with the Astros picking a guy at #1 who is supposed to go later than that, you can see how the entire order would change. Law even goes as far to hint that Mark Appel, who has essentially been the consensus #2 pick, could fall all the way to the Red Sox due to signability concerns for the teams from #3 through #6 -- in Law's scenario, Jonathan Gray, the presumed top pick if not Moran, would go at #2 instead of Appel. Remember, Appel didn't sign last year when the Pirates drafted him, so teams might be leery of even the idea of committing a large portion of their draft budget on him.

Meadows, a center fielder, is a plus runner, though, Law isn't a fan of his "fringy" arm. He's considered raw, in part because he's a two-sport athlete, but Law says he "offers the kind of long-term upside that few players in this draft class can match." Like Clint Frazier, Meadows is more of a high-ceiling project that takes advantage of Boston's uncharacteristically early pick -- whether the Red Sox like one more than the other is to be seen, and seen very shortly. Assuming, of course, that Law is correct about Moran -- if not, the whole shape of the draft changes, and Meadows is very possibly off of the board before things even get to Boston.

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