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Game 29: Red Sox vs. Rangers

The Red Sox are about to be tested. They've certainly faced some good teams so far in 2013, but the Rangers might well be the toughest competition yet. Add in the fact that they're on the road, and have to rely on their #4 and #5 pitchers for the first two games of the series, and there's no doubt that this is going to be one challenging weekend.

Still, sitting at 20-8, there's nowhere in the league the Red Sox should show up expecting to lose right now. If the Texas Rangers are one of the league's best teams, well, the Sox should feel like the best team. Derek Holland has been good, Felix Doubront has been middling, but that's just fine. The Red Sox have already won far more ridiculous matchups than that.

So here's hoping. We've got three days in Texas, and while none of them look like they're going to be easy, this one seems likely to be the worst. Going out there and taking a win from it would be one hell of a start.

Go Sox!