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Daily Red Sox Links: David Ortiz, Jonathan Papelbon, Dustin Pedroia

Today's links include stories on the schedule playing to David Ortiz's advantage, Dustin Pedroia's greatness, and how John Farrell is preparing for the National League's rules.

Jared Wickerham

Houston coming over to the American League has created some big changes to the schedule, though one change is to Boston's advantage, plus other notes.. (John Tomase; Boston Herald)

Jonathan Papelbon came in for Cliff Lee and got the save in last night's game. Rob Bradford wonders if the Red Sox should start regretting letting him leave. (Rob Bradford;

Patrick Sullivan has a quick post on why we should be appreciate what we are watching from Dustin Pedroia. (Patrick Sullivan)

In a really interesting piece, Steve Saude looks at the odds of different players hitting for the cycle. (Steve Saude; Fangraphs)

Last night, Cliff Lee was dominant and the Red Sox had trouble having any success off him. Similar failures this spring have helped Bryce Brentz grow as a batter. (Brian MacPherson; Providence Journal)

For some reason, the National League and American League still play by different rules, and John Farrell is preparing to manage under the inferior rules the next couple of games. (Danny Picard; CSN New England)

Our own Matt Kory looks at the Marlins offense, and to offer a hint, they aren't very good. (Matt Kory; Sports on Earth)

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