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Two Red Sox prospects in Keith Law's updated top 25

One you likely can guess, but the other is a surprise entrant.


ESPN's Keith Law has released an updated top-25 prospects list now that roughly two months of the season have passed, and two Red Sox prospects made the cut. The first you are likely aware of, as Xander Bogaerts jumped from his pre-season ranking of five up to three. The second, though, might surprise you: Garin Cecchini, who just missed Law's top-100 coming into the season, now ranks 23rd in the minors on this updated iteration.

The key takeaway from the Bogaerts' section is that Law believes the prospect has "a better-than-even chance" to stick at shortstop. He's far-and-away Boston's top prospect even with a strong system behind him, and as a 19- and 20-year-old has hit a combined .292/.357/.477 with 30 extra-base hits in 65 games at Double-A. Law is excited for a reason, and if he can indeed stick at short, Bogaerts will likely deserve every bit of praise this ranking bestows on him.

As for Cecchini, Law had positive things to say:

Cecchini is a high-IQ player with a good feel for hitting but no plus tools who just missed my preseason top 100 and now looks like he clearly should have made it, hitting .365/.475/.615 and translating that ability to hit into above-average power production. There's absolutely some randomness/sample-size stuff at work here, but the early reports from scouts are glowing -- it's hard not to write up a player positively when he goes 8-for-10 in a three-game series.

Cecchini's OPS in the Carolina League is 1073 -- no one else is even over 900. As Law said, he's not going to hit like this all of the time. Still, though, he's just 22, at High-A for the first time, has had some pretty loud doubles in the past that were expected to translate into more power down the road, and currently has more free passes than punch outs on the season. There's a lot to like here, and now that's being noticed outside of Red Sox territory.

With any luck, the Sox can add to their prospect bounty in next week's draft, where they will pick seventh overall. Even without that, there's a whole lot worth paying attention to on the farm, and Cecchini is just the latest example of that.