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Jacoby Ellsbury's walk-off hit

A walk-off hit, celebrations, and Big Papi sprinting. Pretty solid way to wrap up a series.

Jim Rogash

The Red Sox were down 5-2 in the ninth inning on Sunday, but managed to come back and win in dramatic fashion thanks to three walks, a David Ortiz double, and of course, Jacoby Ellsbury's two-run, game-winning walk-off double on Joe Smith's first pitch:


With walk-off hits come walk-off celebrations. I've always kind of loved these, regular season or no, just because of the sheer joy on the faces of everyone involved:


Though, let's be honest: David Ortiz outrunning everyone in his excitement is the best part of this whole thing outside of the win itself:


Maybe, as it was occurring, I winced a little at the thought of something Achilles-related happening, but it didn't, so now we can enjoy this on an infinite loop!

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