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Clay Buchholz scratched, Alfredo Aceves to start Monday against Phillies

Hannah Foslien

Not an hour after an amazing walkoff win over the Indians, the Red Sox have provided some sobering news: Clay Buchholz will miss his next start with a sore collarbone, leaving Alfredo Aceves to start in his place against the Philadelphia Phillies.

Buchholz started feeling sore after his last start--a seven inning, one-run performance against the White Sox. The good news is that the injury has not proved serious enough to demand an MRI, and they're hoping he will start later in the week, perhaps even before his next turn in the rotation comes up.

Regardless of when he does make his way back, however, Alfredo Aceves will be the man starting on Monday. The good news is that the Phillies are not the most intimidating of lineups, averaging just 3.5 runs per game this year. Still, any Aceves is too much Aceves in 2013. It's frankly hard to believe he's going to make a start for this team as late as May.