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Game 43: Red Sox vs. Twins

Finally the Red Sox are back to winning games. Still, there's convincing left to be done. We've seen them play awfully badly over the last couple weeks, and as nice as it is to be on a three-game winning streak, it's so easy to see either of these last two games going the other way.

If you're looking for a dominant win to convince you that the Sox are back to being as good as they were in April, however, tonight might not be the best of nights for that. Scott Diamond, after all, shut the Sox down not long ago at all, and while he struggled against the Orioles in his last game, he's not been one to give up many runs this year as a whole.

Still, he gives up balls in play, and while it would be an appeal to the Gambler's Fallacy to say we're due for some good luck, we're at least due for some neutral luck, which would be a lot better than what we've seen of late. Hopefully that pans out tonight.

Go Sox!