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Red Sox minor lines: Jackie Bradley Jr. returns

Jackie Bradley Jr. and Garin Cecchini are both back in action and hitting the ball pretty well to boot.

Jim Rogash

Pawtucket W 5-4

Box Score

Jackie Bradley Jr.: 1-3, 3B, BB, K
Jose Iglesias: 0-4, BB, K
Bryce Brentz: 2-5, 2B, HR, E
Jeremy Hazelbaker: 0-3, BB, K

Just seeing Jackie Bradley Jr. back in the lineup would've been good enough by itself, much less with a triple tacked on. He's upstaged by Bryce Brentz, however, who has 13 hits in his last eight games.

Portland L 3-6

Box Score

Xander Bogaerts: 0-4, 2 E
Travis Shaw: 2-4
Michael Almanzar: 1-4, HR, 2 E
Kolbrin Vitek: 1-4, 2 K
Christian Vazquez: 1-4

Matt Barnes: 6 IP, 5 H, 3 R, 3 ER, 1 BB, 7 K
Keith Couch: 2.1 IP, 4 H, 3 R, 1 ER, 2 BB, 2 K

With 45 strikeouts in 37 innings, it seems unlikely that Barnes' ERA will hover around a mediocre 4.50 for much longer.

Salem W 10-2

Box Score

Sean Coyle: 3-5, 2B
Deven Marrero: 1-5, 2B
Garin Cecchini: 3-4, 2B, BB
Keury De La Cruz: 2-5, 2B, K
Henry Ramos: 1-5, 2B

Cecchini missed a few days. Doesn't look like he's dealing with any rust, though. And with Coyle back to hitting, Salem may have its dynamic duo back in full force.

Greenville W 7-6

Box Score

Cody Koback: 2-4, BB
Jose Vinicio: 0-4, BB, 2 K

Pat Light: 4 IP, 7 H, 6 R, 5 ER, 3 BB, 2 K, 1 HR
Yunior Ortega: 4 IP, 1 H, 0 R, 0 ER, 1 BB, 5 K

Pat Light and Austin Maddox, both taken in the first three rounds in last year's draft, both with ERAs over 8.00.