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Game 42: Red Sox vs. Twins

The last time the Red Sox faced the Twins, things did not go so well. It wasn't all that long ago, either, that this went down.

The question is what that because the Twins, who have since dropped 4-of-6, are more dangerous than we thought? Or because the Red Sox, as they were playing last week, could probably have lost to a Triple-A team?

And even beyond that, are the Red Sox truly out of their slump? But for a dramatic comeback last night after being down to their last strike, they would be right back to losing. They hit the ball well, yes, but right at Tampa Bay fielders. No, you can't exactly all that a failure on their part, unless you're going to dive into the realm of the mystic and absurd, but I'll be damned if baseball is not a game for the superstitious.

Hopefully tonight the Red Sox go out there and turn a Buchholz - Worley matchup into what it should be, and get this team back on a real winning streak.

Go Sox!