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MLB Draft 2013: Another mock draft with Colin Moran

There has been little consensus to this point about Boston's first pick, but John Sickels' first mock gives us some.


SB Nation's own John Sickels has released the first of his mock drafts in anticipation of next month's actual MLB draft. For the first time since we've been seeing what the prospect analysts think Boston will do with the seventh-overall selection, there has been a repeat player. Sickels tabs University of North Carolina third baseman Colin Moran for the Red Sox.

Sickels' reasoning is that the Red Sox could take one of Moran or George high school outfielder Clint Frazier with this pick, and that Moran, as the college player, is the safer pick to make. I'm not sure I buy that argument entirely, as the Red Sox will likely want to maximize ceiling with a rare top-10 pick, but Sickels also believes that the ceilings of these two are similar offensively, albeit for different reasons: Moran is just more likely to get there, and to get there first, given his collegiate head start on Frazier. If it does come down to the two, it might depend on whether or not the Red Sox agree with Baseball Prospectus' Nick Faleris, in that Frazier could stick in center field, or with ESPN's Keith Law, who sees an outfield corner in his future.

Interestingly enough, Sickels has Braden Shipley -- another player the Red Sox have been connected to through mock draft -- going to the Royals with the eighth pick. Just given the upside of the three players involved -- Moran's ability to hit, Frazier's power potential, and Shipley's fantastic stuff as a starter -- it's difficult to choose. The Red Sox might end up in a situation where all three are still on the board when it's their turn, though, so they've got a few more weeks to make a decision about which one it's going to be if they do get to that point.