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Red Sox prospect Garin Cecchini rolls ankle

One of Boston's best young players might have injured himself in Wednesday's minor-league action.


Garin Cecchini has been tearing up the minors in what could end up being his breakout campaign at High-A Salem, but he gave everyone a scare on Wednesday when he appeared to hurt his ankle on a pop-up in foul territory. Cecchini was taken off of the field following the incident, but things might be better than they looked.

Hopefully his ankle is fine, and he can get back to playing in a day or two without this becoming a more serious problem. It would be a shame for his season to be interrupted by injury, as he's hitting .366/.462/.659 in the Carolina League as a 22-year-old, leading in batting average, on-base percentage, slugging percentage, ninth in homers, first in doubles, second in triples, second in hits, fifth in walks, and to top it off, second in steals, too.

As you might imagine, he's pulled in "Player of the Week" honors during this season.

Enjoy this video of Cecchini hitting a home run while you hope that he's back and doing it once more as soon as his ankle allows. It doesn't sound as if it's serious, but as with any injury that results in a player exiting a game, we'll know more the next time he's supposed to be in the lineup.