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Shane Victorino X-rays come back negative

He still might not play on Tuesday, but at least nothing is broken.

Jared Wickerham

Shane Victorino crashed into the right field wall during Sunday's contest at a speed that made it seem as if he was oblivious to the wall's presence. As it usually does, the wall came away victorious, and Victorino fell to the ground in pain:


He remained in the game, however, at least for three more innings before he was subbed out. He visited the hospital to make sure he didn't have any injuries in his back or ribs, and those tests came back negative. According to John Tomase of the Boston Herald, though, Victorino is still feeling sore. Again, this happened to him...

Victorino-alt-angle-crash whether he plays in Tuesday night's series opener against the Tampa Bay Rays remains a question until the Red Sox are at the point where they need to make that decision. At the least, though, if he misses a day or two for soreness to subside, that's much better than having him crack open his rib cage in a high-speed collision, and it's even better news when you consider he had just missed time with back soreness earlier this month.