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Game 7: Red Sox vs. Orioles, in Fenway Park


The doors are open, the introductions over, the players ready to take the field. The home schedule in underway, Fenway Park is open for business.

And, what do you know, the Red Sox aren't 0-6, or 1-5, but 4-2. There are unanimous cheers for just about everyone. It's a positive atmosphere--something we haven't seen for far too long.

The Orioles are in town, which means something rather different these days than it used to. They're competition now, not just another game on the schedule. In fact, these last two years, they've even acted as something of a bugbear.

So far, though, this year has been about exorcising our demons. Hopefully Clay Buchholz and the lineup will do their part in helping us to get over this particular one today, opening Fenway the way it deserves to be opened: with a win.

Go Sox!