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Red Sox vs. Orioles lineups: Jackie Bradley Jr. out for home opener

Jackie Bradley Jr. will miss out for the first time this year, as both Jonny Gomes and Daniel Nava suit up against the Orioles in Fenway's first game of 2013.


The Red Sox are home for the first time this year, welcoming in the Orioles as they attempt to move to 5-2 on the young 2013 season.

It will be another new lineup for the Sox, this time with Jackie Bradley Jr. missing out for the first time this year. It's been tough going for the young outfielder in his first six games at the major league level. While he's shown impressive discipline at the plate, pitchers have found his weaknesses, and are doing their best to exploit them, holding him to a line of just .143/.333/.190. There's no question about his talent, but it's no great surprise that the advance scouts and experienced pitchers of the league have found something for him to work on.

It makes sense that the Sox waited until they hit Fenway to keep Jackie Bradley out, though, since his glove had been so helpful in New York and Toronto. Now that they're home at Fenway, the Sox can give Daniel Nava time in its cozy left field, which will help to hide the gap in their defensive abilities.

Boston Red Sox (4-2)

  1. Jacoby Ellsbury, CF
  2. Shane Victorino, RF
  3. Dustin Pedroia, 2B
  4. Mike Napoli, 1B
  5. Will Middlebrooks, 3B
  6. Daniel Nava, LF
  7. Jonny Gomes, DH
  8. David Ross, C
  9. Jose Iglesias, SS

Starting Pitcher -- Clay Buchholz

Baltimore Orioles (3-3)

  1. Nate McLouth, LF
  2. Manny Machado, 3B
  3. Nick Markakis, RF
  4. Adam Jones, CF
  5. Chris Davis, 1B
  6. Matt Wieters, C
  7. J.J. Hardy, SS
  8. Ryan Flaherty, 2B
  9. Steve Pearce, DH

Starting Pitcher -- Wei-Yin Chen

The odd part of this lineup is the order of Nava and Gomes given the left-hander on the mound for the Orioles. Gomes is, of course, the better hitter against lefties, and even might see time over Nava against certain right-handed pitchers in Fenway, with its inviting wall in left.

Still, maybe it's just about avoiding an easier inning in the late game for Orioles relievers. It's a small quibble, on the whole, and not one without possible explanations. The rest of the batting order is what we've come to expect against lefties, with David Ross batting eighth in place of Jarrod Saltalamacchia, and Shane Victorino moving up to the two-spot. Hopefully the Sox do what they were supposed to be against lefties, rather than what they did against Pettitte and Happ.