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Game 6: Red Sox vs. Blue Jays


Saturday's game sucked. It really, really sucked. Between John Lackey's arm seemingly exploding and J.A. Happ "baffling" the Red Sox despite, on the whole, some pretty mediocre pitching, well, there's not much to be said for it. The Sox performed terribly, aside from the one man who went and got hurt, and in the end they had nothing to show for their most recent nine innings.

Now, hopefully, ti's time to move on. Unfortunately, they'll have to do so against R.A. Dickey. That's a pretty tall order no matter how you look at it.

More than anything else, though, it would be nice to see the Red Sox get a big start from Jon Lester here. He had a mixed outing on Opening Day, but one with a good deal of promise for the rest of the season. If he follows through on that today, regardless of what the lineup does, it will be a nice confidence booster.

Go Sox!