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Red Sox 0, Blue Jays 5: Red Sox lose John Lackey, Toronto rolls

The Red Sox lost a surprisingly strong John Lackey in the fifth and produced a tour de force of incompetence at the plate in an 0-5 loss to the Blue Jays.

Tom Szczerbowski

The Red Sox suffered an 0-5, two-hit loss to the Blue Jays Saturday afternoon, and may have lost John Lackey in the process.

What's truly shocking about the situation is how good John Lackey looked right up until he left the game. After allowing a leadoff hit to Jose Reyes, who really is just hitting everything these days, Lackey picked up a pair of strikeouts and took to the air, making a surprisingly athletic play for the remaining out in the first. Not until the third would he need to rely on a fielder for an out, with Mike Napoli snagging a hard ground ball and beating Emilio Bonifacio to the bag for out number two.

The Red Sox, unfortunately, were faring no better against J.A. Happ, and not for any apparent reason. It was a performance that was somehow reminiscent of Andy Pettitte's despite coming in a completely different manner. Where Andy Pettitte challenged the Red Sox, pounding the zone and making it difficult for them to see comfortable counts, Happ threw junk, often well outside the zone, and the Red Sox swung at it. Then occasionally he would throw a bad strike, and the Red Sox would make weak contact, and the result would be an easy out.

Through the first three, you could be forgiven for thinking both team's hitters were playing an elaborate practical joke. Then, however, Lackey left a curveball too high, and J.P. Arencibia took him deep, making it 2-0 Jays.

Still, Lackey battled back, and it looked like the Sox might have a chance to fight back. Then, with a 2-2 count to Jose Reyes, John Lackey delivered home, and clutched at his right arm in obvious pain. He would leave the game with his arm held limply by his side. While the Red Sox say it's just a bicep strain, it's going to be hard to believe Lackey is really okay until we see him on the mound again.

Unfortunately, with Lackey out of the game early, it was time for Alfredo Aceves, who quickly showed why he's not the best option to replace Lackey should he miss time. A three-run homer from Colby Rasmus in the sixth put the Blue Jays' lead up to 5-0. A strong lead on a normal day, but with the Red Sox looking like a college team at the plate, having collected just one hit to that point, it was simply insurmountable. The Jays bullpen stayed strong, and the Red Sox fell to 3-2.