Portland Sea Dogs 4/5/13

Some very unprofessional thoughts on the second game of the Portland season, from very unprofessional me!

First of all, I'm loving getting to see these games. It's my first time living somewhere with a team near enough that I can go to games regularly, and I've been taking advantage so far. Didn't expect to see two games in a row, but I'm not one to pass up a free ticket when I'm offered one!

So, baseball.

It was cold. Okay, it wasn't that bad tonight, and I brought a coat this time, but still. Chilly.

Workman was great. A lot of runs in the second, but the only really bad at-bat was the HR that finished it off. The triple to bring in the first pair was an extremely defensive swing that happened to poke the ball right down the RF line. But he was blowing people away. 9 Ks in just five innings, and 8 of them were swinging. Part of that says that he got helped out by a cold, swing-happy team, and part of that was he was also overpowering them with his stuff. It was pretty fun to watch.

Speaking of pitching, Chris Martin wasn't bad neither. Who is he? I have no clue. But 7 Ks in 3 innings, 93-95mph fastballs. Looked good.

Drew had some more good at-bats, but I was wondering when he'd finally break through for an actual hit, and then in the 6th he crushed a double to right-center. He really looks solid, and with Iggy's bruised arm, it's even better than he'll be up in Boston soon.

New England coffee is pretty gross. But, it kept me warm and for that, I am forever thankful. Even with the $2.75 price tag.

Holy crap, Trenton couldn't play the field tonight. 6 errors. 6. Two of them came when the first baseman forgot how to close his glove. It was really just a mess. Bogaerts got on base three times, scoring each time, and two of those times came via error.

Speaking of Bogaerts, he's not showing off his power yet, but he made more contact than last night. Got his first hit in the 3rd. Just a single, but it's a start. I was hoping to see him break out a few monster drives, but I'm sure I'll see it eventually, assuming I keep seeing games relatively regularly.

The attendance was surprisingly thin. I mean, yes, it was the day after Opening Day, and an April night game in Maine, but it still felt really small. Announced attendance was 2,333, and that felt generous. Not shocking, I guess, for minor league April games, but whatever.

Not much else to say, honestly. Portland won 7-4, and other than the multitude of Thunder errors, it was not quite the fascinating disaster that was last night. It was baseball, and that will always be good. Got to go with a friend this time, she sang the National Anthem so I got a free ticket, and that was all fun. Not much more to report.

If you have any questions about how players looked, let me know and I can try to give you some sort of answer.

Hope this was at least mildly entertaining! I figured I'd make a full FanPost this time and see what people thought. I'm not going to another game for a week or so at least, but I could make more of these posts for any games I go to in the future if there's interest in such a thing.