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Game 4: Red Sox vs. Blue Jays

Game thread the fourth


This early in the season, every game can mean a big swing in perception. This game four presents perhaps the most significant of crossroads. 3-1 is just two games over .500. In that it is the same as 12-10, 35-33, and 82-80.

However, four games in, it is the second best of five possible outcomes, and when the alternative for the Red Sox is 2-2 after a 2-0 start, it feels huge. It's silly to say that any team needs to win a game in the first week of the season, but for a seemingly insignificant game four, this one can carry an unreasonable amount of emotional weight to fans.

That being said, it'd be really nice to see the Sox go out there and take this one. Felix Doubrtont vs. Josh Johnson isn't exactly the best of matchups, but baseball is a game where even the best pitchers lose a decent percentage of their starts. Let's hope Boston makes this one of those nights for the debuting Blue Jay.

Go Sox!