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Game 3: Red Sox vs. Yankees


If, one month ago, I told you the Red Sox were about to experience their first sweep of the season in New York, well, a lot of you would be saying we still had one game to start off better than the 2012 Sox.

Nope. The Red Sox are 2-0, and have a pretty decent chance to make that 3-0 for the first time in a long, long while.

Y'know, we shouldn't get ahead of ourselves. In these first games of the season, every single performance is exaggerated in importance. Jose Iglesias is ready based on two games, Mike Napoli a serious concern. Ryan Dempster? Well, we'll see. The point is that we probably shouldn't be too quick to declare this team a revelation -- the return of a lovable, winning Red Sox team.

Alternatively, we could roll with it, hope we hit 3-0 to vindicate our optimism for another day, and then deal with the mental and emotional consequences should they eventually come. Hell, that sounds pretty good. Next stop 3-0, and then the World Series! I'm pretty sure that's how it works, right?

Go Sox!