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Jose Iglesias removed from PawSox game after HBP

For the second time in 2013, Iglesias was removed from a game following HBP.

J. Meric

Jose Iglesias has been doing well since he was optioned to Pawtucket for Stephen Drew, but that was interrupted on Tuesday. Iglesias was hit by a Carlos Carrasco pitch on his wrist in the first inning, and while he stayed in the game long enough to score a run and make a fine defensive play, he was then lifted in the seventh inning.

I like the PawSox description of the play's quality if only because of the images it creates:

"Jose Iglesias, shimmering afield on this wondrous Rhode Island afternoon, momentarily saved the day with a play as dazzling as the day was bright." That's a lot to pull from "sparkling", but tweets have character limits. Think of this as necessary extrapolation for our imagination, since we can't actually see the play in question in this non-televised game.

Back to reality. Nothing is known about Iglesias' current condition -- the game was in extras and just now ended -- but if you remember, this sort of thing already happened to him earlier in the year. Iglesias was hit by a pitch in Toronto against the Blue Jays, and appeared to have dead arm out on the field -- to the point where his arm hung down by his side -- but it didn't stop him from doing Jose Iglesias things:

Iglesias was removed from that game on April 5 and missed the next one, but returned on April 7 to finish the series against Toronto. Whether he's in a similar situation here, where there is some pain from the HBP and he just needs to let some swelling go down, is unknown, but one hopes that's the case.