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Game 26: Red Sox vs. Blue Jays

We Red Sox fans have some experience with winning the offseason and losing the regular season. We've had the highest of expectation lead only to the most bitter of failures. And we've been through the sort of rough start Toronto is dealing with right now. All-too-recently, in fact.

Only time will tell if the Blue Jays can turn his around. For now, though, they are injured and reeling, and the Red Sox are hot as can be. Add to that the fact that the Red Sox are starting their ace while the Blue Jays turn to Brandon Morrow of the 5.27 ERA, and, well, things look good.

We've been there before. We know how hopeless every game can feel when everything is going wrong. That's not something to sympathize with, though, but something for the Red Sox to exploit. As the Red Sox of 2012 (and, at times, 2011) showed us, if you hit a team like this early, they're not likely to get back up. So let's get after 'em in a hurry.

Go Sox!