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MLB and YouTube partner up, or, easy-to-find Manny Ramirez videos now online

Now we can watch Manny Ramirez doing Manny stuff whenever we want!

That's right, celebrating Red Sox players: YouTube videos!
That's right, celebrating Red Sox players: YouTube videos!
Jim Rogash

MLB has had something of a light leash on their video content, an odd thing for a company that's been so ahead of the curve in many ways from a technology standpoint. Their videos were generally restricted to, and you couldn't even embed things elsewhere if they happened too recently for MLB's liking. However, things seem to be loosening up a bit, as MLB and YouTube have beefed up the official MLB channel at the latter's site, meaning there is a large collection of embeddable videos in a familiar format for you to peruse.

Maybe this isn't exciting to you, but think of the possibilities here. I present Exhibit A: Manny Ramirez playing defense:

Or, if Manny with a glove isn't your thing, maybe you want to find that time he hit a home run into the fifth deck at the then-SkyDome in Toronto:

Maybe you remember all that stuff happening, so it's not important to see it again. Or, you just hate Manny. Let's dial things back a little further, then, say... Roger Clemens setting the single-game strikeout record in 1986 against the Mariners?

Or, if that's too grainy for your HD-era eyes, how about something a little smoother, like Clemens tying his own record 10 years later against the Tigers?

Or maybe you want to watch, I don't know. An entire no-hitter, from start to finish? MLB Classics, which were previously available for purchase on iTunes, are available via the MLB Classics channel on YouTube. Here's Boston's pitching coach Juan Nieves, tossing his no-hitter for the Brewers back in 1987. You know, if you've got two hours to kill:

You know what else easy access to videos means? Gif goldmine! Now I won't always have to dig through or what have you in order to find things like David Ortiz's first homer -- a monster shot to center -- of 2013:


Hooray for technology! Hooray for David Ortiz homers! Hooray for people like me who want to bookmark Pedro Martinez's 1999 All-Star game strikeout festival for whenever I get that Pedro itch!