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Game 2: Red Sox vs. Yankees (Monkey off the back edition)


The Red Sox are 1-0.

The Yankees are 0-1.

It's the last time I'm going to be able to say that, regardless of what happens tonight, so I'm going to take that opportunity.

Over the next few weeks, we'll get a better feeling of just how good (or, yes, bad) this Red Sox team is. Tonight, though, we just get to watch a baseball game with that much less baggage. After 0-6 and 0-4 starts, we had every reason to enter this season wondering how when that first win would come, how long we would have to wait.

Now, no matter what happens over the next three, six, nine games, these Red Sox did not get off to a bad start. However you try to frame it, the Sox started 2013 going uphill. And at least for the purposes of our sanity, that's big.

Now for game two. Less baggage, more excitement!

Go Sox!