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Dustin Pedroia has hand examined, will play against Yankees

Dustin Pedroia jammed his hand diving into first in Monday's season opener, but according to John Farrell, he's cleared to play in game two.


After an ill-advised head-first dive into first base in Monday's season opener against the Yankees, the health of Dustin Pedroia's hand has been a backburner concern for Red Sox fans. The good news is that, according to Evan Drellich of, an examination of Pedroia's hand has resulted in an all-clear, and the second baseman is good to go for game two against New York.

Of course, Pedroia being in the lineup is not necessarily a perfect indicator of health. It was just last year that the former MVP toughed out a thumb injury for a month before finally hitting the disabled list. And while that's the sort of behavior that's endeared him to the fanbase, it's also the sort hat led to a season where he hurt the team more than helped it. Based on Drellich's story, it sounds like the doctors are comfortable with his situation, but that there might be some lingering pain. If that's not hugely concerning, it's also not positive.

The lesson to take home here: don't dive into first. Not in a tie game, and especially not when up 8-2 in the ninth. There's no gain, and plenty of risk.