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Game 25: Red Sox vs. Astros

From the beginning, this was certainly a series Sox fans looked at hoping for a sweep. It's something that will happen to Houston often enough in the months to come, and the Red Sox are the sort of team that shouldn't go into any given game against them expecting less than a win.

Still, for that all to come together today, we need the Red Sox to hit Bud Norris, and John Lackey to be serviceable. Neither of these things are guarantees. Norris is better than Humber, Peacock, and Bedard. Lackey is a bigger question mark than Buchholz, Dempster and, yes, even Doubront.

Still a winnable game. Still one the Red Sox should win, for that matter. But as always, they have to actually play the game and score more runs before the league will count it towards their record.

End John Madden impersonation.

Go Sox!