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Game 20: Red Sox vs. Athletics

Man, tonight would've been a real good time to start the rotation over again. The bullpen wiped, still sort of needing the win to solidify the bounce-back from the doubleheader loss...Lester today, Aceves tomorrow, it would've been fine.

But Lester is getting his extra day of rest, and Aceves is going tonight, and we've got to live with that. Even if it means Steven Wright pitching, be it a close game or blowout. John Farrell may have been able to eke nearly seven innings out of Felix Doubront, but Alfredo Aceves? That's a very tall task indeed.

Still, that just means the lineup really needs to keep it up tonight, Ortiz or no. Another nine runs would go a loooooooong way towards making this work out.

One way or another, though, they'll get through this, and then tomorrow we've got Lester, and the bullpen can hopefully finally get some rest.

For tonight: Go Sox!