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Red Sox to play Sunday doubleheader with Royals

The Red Sox will play a doubleheader on Sunday, making up for Friday's postponed game.

Woo, doubleheaders!
Woo, doubleheaders!
Brian Garfinkel

[UPDATE]: The Sox will play a day-night doubleheader on Sunday, with the first game starting at 1:35 p.m. and the second at 7:05 p.m.

There are three possibilities for making up Friday night's canceled Red Sox - Royals game at Fenway Park, according to Rob Bradford. As the Royals do not make another trip to Boston this season, they are, for the most part, condensed into this weekend. They could have a doubleheader tomorrow or Sunday, before the Royals leave town, or they could wait to make up this game on a mutual day off, July 1.

Here are the problems with each of those scenarios. Part of the reason Friday night's game has been canceled is because the city of Boston is in lock down thanks to the remaining suspect of the Boston Marathon. He's still on the loose, and the city's law enforcement are after him in full, heavily armed force. If he is not caught overnight, then an afternoon Red Sox game is not exactly in the cards on Saturday, either. That leaves Sunday as a likely possibility, but again, if this manhunt rolls over into Saturday, then Saturday's game is also in question.

This, by the way, is why we didn't run a Series Preview yet. We don't know what the series actually looks like anymore.

As for July 1, it might come into play even if there is a doubleheader this weekend, if something goes down on Saturday that keeps the Sox from playing during the day.

This is a long way of saying we kind of know stuff, but we don't know everything. If you are upset by this, I suggest you stop in and amuse yourself with what will have to represent our game thread for now.