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Friday's Red Sox - Royals game postponed (says David Ortiz)

According to none other than David Ortiz, the Red Sox have postponed Friday night's game between the Red Sox and Royals due to the ongoing manhunt taking place in the city.


[UPDATE] -- The Sox have made it official.

To no great surprise, the Red Sox have decided to postpone Friday night's game against the Royals due to the ongoing manhunt for the suspect in the Patriots' Day bombing and the coinciding citywide lockdown.

Or at least that's what David Ortiz has told Rob Bradford and Nick Cafardo.

The team has been on a holding pattern, waiting for word from city officials since the early hours of the morning. Given the logistics of an event like a professional baseball game, however, it's become clear there was no way to make this work. Staff generally needs to get to the park early in the afternoon, to say nothing of the public transportation needed for fans, and the special security necessitated by the ongoing situation.

Obviously, since there's no official word from the Red Sox on this, there is likewise no word yet on whether the teams will make up this game over the weekend, or at a later point. For now, though, baseball rightly takes a backseat to more serious issues.

Stay safe, Boston. The Red Sox will still be here tomorrow.