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Game 14: Red Sox vs. Indians

Alright, folks, we're playing with house money here. Four straight wins, Alfredo Aceves vs. Justin Masterson, Mike Carp in the lineup...It's not a game to get too invested in.

Unless, of course, things work out! 'Cause when you're playing with house money, winning is that much better!

The recipe for success tonight is probably low-scoring. Yeah, Masterson can give up runs. We've seen him do it in the past. But he's mostly successful against right-handed hitters, and the Sox don't have quite so much going on from the left side of the plate. Alfdredo Aceves isn't exactly the man you want when you need to keep the opponents off the board. But he managed to keep the Orioles relatively low, and if he can hold on for five innings, I'll take our bullpen in just about any game.

It's a fourth series win up for grabs, and double digit wins before five losses. Wouldn't that be something?

Go Sox!