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Game 13: Red Sox vs. Indians

I don't know about you guys, but I need this.

Not the win, no. Oh, absolutely, beating the Indians here would be awesome. It doesn't hurt that we'd have won with Felix Doubront on the mound, which likely means even more good things from a rotation that has performed remarkably well so far this year. But at 8-4 the Red Sox have rebuilt that cushion over .500 that keeps the more obsessive amongst us from fearing each and every game and its possible implications on morale and the like.

No, I just need this. I need the Red Sox. I need to get angry at an umpire, cheer a hit, enjoy a particularly nice strikeout. I need innings and outs. I need baseball, and I need it to be here today, tomorrow, and just about everyday after. There is no sport that provides the routine--the delightfully routine--as well as baseball does.

Enjoy, everyone. And remember, if you find yourself thinking that, in light of recent events, it's silly to get so upset or excited about a game--well, that's what baseball is here for.

Go Red Sox! Go Boston!