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Red Sox, Indians working on Boston Marathon tribute

The Red Sox will play tonight, as their game was not set in Boston, and a tribute is likely forthcoming


While details of exactly what they would be doing have not released, the Red Sox and Indians are reportedly working on a tribute to the victims of the Boston Marathon bombing that occurred in Boston on Monday, April 15, according to Tom Withers of the Associated Press:

It's a shame for reasons that should be apparent that the Red Sox could open yet another game in 2013 with a tribute to the victims of a tragedy -- their season opened in New York with a nod to the victims of the Newtown shooting -- but still, it's comforting to know they have a history of treating moments like this with the kind of reverence and class they deserve.

Expect a moment of silence, but I also kind of like the idea that Withers had in a follow-up tweet -- the Indians should wear Boston hats at Tuesday's game. Both teams will be wearing #42 in tribute to Jackie Robinson -- the Indians did not play on Monday, so they get their shot at honoring Jackie tonight -- so the uniforms are already non-regulation. It would fit in with the theme that the country is uniting behind Boston during a trying time.

According to John Farrell, who was on MLB Network Radio, the Red Sox will also pay tribute to the victims on Friday night when they return to Fenway Park:

"We're working through a tribute that will acknowledge what took place yesterday, both here in Cleveland tonight and when we get back home on Friday," Farrell said. "But as we've seen some of these things unfold, I think when you can move on with the game, and not to be insensitive in any way - but I think any form of normalcy will always be a good thing in this."

Can't agree with that more. Sports are not the most important thing, and moments like yesterday's remind us of this more strongly than we'd like. However, they can and do play a part in bringing normalcy back to our lives, and that has and will continue to be important.

[Update 3:43 pm - The Red Sox will wear black armbands on their road uniforms in Cleveland as a tribute to the victims of the Boston Marathon attack. In non-Boston news, the Yankees are going to play "Sweet Caroline" in between the third and fourth innings of their Tuesday game in New York, and open with a moment of silence. Say what you will about "Sweet Caroline," but that's a class move by Boston's longtime rivals.]