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Game 12: Red Sox vs. Rays

It's Patriots' Day! That means marathons, people in 18th century costume marching through the streets of the suburbs firing muskets, and of course, early baseball.

The Red Sox are out for the sweep today. So far they've been pretty good about winning series, but have yet to take all three games. Hopefully, the Rays will change all of that. Jeremy Hellickson is off to a rough start, Ryan Dempster looked pretty good last time out, and the Sox have momentum at their backs.

7-5 is not a bad record. Not by any measurement. But man, 8-4 would be some kind of unbelievable, particularly after having to run the gauntlet of AL East teams to start the year. The Sox have certainly risen to their first challenge of the season. Let's see if they can't finish with a bang.

Go Sox!