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Game 11: Red Sox vs. Rays

Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

After yesterday's 2-1 walkoff win, we can all take a bit of a breath. The Red Sox aren't headed down to .500 just yet. Now they've got a decent matchup in Clay Buchholz vs. Alex Cobb to take another series win, and start rebuilding some of their cushion between them and that demoralizing break-even point.

If they're going to do that, though, they've got to start hitting again. Ten straight games the Red Sox' starters have held the opposition to three runs or fewer to start the year, and while they haven't always been the longest outings, with the strength of the bullpen the Sox have had a chance to win every time. If something has held them down, it's been the inconsistent offense.

The good news is that Alex Cobb isn't David Price, and however much it seems like the Red Sox hit aces and go quiet against random guys from Triple-A, on any given day I think we'd rather have our lineup face the worse pitcher when a win is needed. Alex Cobb may not be a "random guy from Triple-A", but at least he's not a Cy Young winner.

The long slog through the AL East is almost over with. Let's close it out with a series win.

Go Sox!