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Tim Wakefield returns to Red Sox fold

Tim Wakefield has returned to the Red Sox fold, being named a special assignment instructor and honorary chairman of the Red Sox Foundation.


The Red Sox have announced that Tim Wakefield is one again a member of the organization he called home for 16 years. And while he's not breaking out the knuckleball to go for win number 201, he will be doing his best to pass on some of his unique wisdom.

The official titles for Wakefield are "honorary chairman" of the Red Sox Foundation and "special assignment instructor." Of course, given where Wake's talents lie, those assignments are going to be very special indeed. Presumably his first will be Triple-A knuckleballer Steven Wright, who the Sox received from Cleveland in exchange for Lars Anderson.

If Wakefield can find some way to bring a legitimate knuckleballer back to Boston, then that's great news. Even if he does nothing more than hang around Fenway Park and show his face every once in a while, however, it will be a worthwhile addition. It's good to have him back.