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Get well, Jerry Remy

Last night, NESN announcer Jerry Remy revealed that he had suffered a relapse of his lung cancer during the offseason. A CT scan showed a spot, a biopsy came back positive, and Remy underwent another round of radiation treatment.

The good news is that Remy says he feels fine. Having already been through this once, he's not going to let himself be overwhelmed by depression again, and says he doesn't expect his illness to keep him away from the Red Sox anytime soon.

What's not so clear is just how a doctor would say he's doing. At the moment, after the radiation treatment, it sounds like right now Remy is just waiting on his next regularly scheduled CT scan. That they're being so passive certainly sounds like a positive sign, but lacking any training in oncology, it's hard to really say anything for certain.

Time and again, we are shown evidence that this is an unfair world we live in, where very bad things happen to very good people. For the last 25 years, Remy has been a fixture in the lives of Red Sox fans, making the worst blowouts and most dominant wins alike more enjoyable with his antics in the booth. While Remy has never picked up a hit or made an out with the team in my (admittedly short) lifetime, I know my experience as a fan would not be the same without him,

Get well, Rem Dawg. You deserve better than this.