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Daily Red Sox Links: John Lackey, David Ortiz, Joel Hanrahan

Today's links include stories on David Ortiz's recovery, Joel Hanrahan's rough Wednesday night, and Jose Iglesias' demotion.

Jim Rogash

John Lackey is going to miss his next scheduled start tomorrow due to a bicep injury. Hunter Golden looks beyond tomorrow and how he'll perform through the whole season. (Hunter Golden; Fire Brand of the AL)

The Red Sox have been missing David Ortiz from their lineup for the start of this season, but he's finally playing some games again. (Brian MacPherson; Providence Journal)

Besides being an absolutely crushing loss, last night was also the Red Sox debut for Stephen Drew. He said before the game that he was feeling good about playing again. (Julian Benbow;

Jay Jaffe runs through what turned out to be a very weird Wednesday across baseball, including Joel Hanrahan's implosion. (Jay Jaffe; Sports Illustrated's Strike Zone Blog)

John Farrell made it very clear that he's not even considering removing Hanrahan from the closers' role. (Alex Speier;

On the Sweetspot Blog, Joseph Werner wonders whether or not Nolan Ryan's career would have been difference had he come up to the majors in today's league. (Joseph Werner; ESPN's Sweetspot Blog)

Jose Iglesias has been thought of as the shortstop of the future for years now, but he's still yet to spend consistent time on the major-league roster. (Michael Silverman; Boston Herald)