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Game 8: Red Sox vs. Orioles


Alfredo Aceves will start tomorrow, but at least for tonight, we have Ryan Dempster.

Hopefully that's a good thing. Dempster wasn't amazing in his last outing, but that's just one game. Hopefully we've got a pretty good idea of what Lester and Buchholz are going to do this year--Buchholz didn't have to prove much after how he pitched from May 2012 onward, and it's kind of hard to imagine Lester is going to revert to 2012 form after looking as good as he did in his first two games. It's a small sample size, but in some ways you don't need to see much to know that the southpaw, at least, has found his way back.

There's still need for that third arm, though. All teams want five good pitchers, but they can survive with just three and a couple of wild cards. Even the 2007 Red Sox had Julian Tavarez start a ton of games. Maybe it'll be Felix Doubront, coming into his own in his second full year as a starter. Maybe it'll be John Lackey, finally healthy. The most likely candidate, though, is certainly Ryan Dempster. And a good night here would go a ways towards boosting confidence.

Of course, 6-2 is also a pretty great place to be. Only the Rangers, Athletics, and Braves have avoided three losses in their first eight games, with Washington having a chance to as well. The Red Sox would love to have those teams as company.