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Stephen Drew Scratched With Symptoms Of Concussion

Stephen Drew has been scratched from Friday night's game with mild concussion-like symptoms.


According to NESN's Jamie Erdahl, Stephen Drew will not be playing short in tonight's game against the Twins, the victim of concussion-like symptoms following a pitch to the helmet on Thursday.

It's just another in what is becoming a long line of injuries for the Red Sox, and while so far none of them seem likely to amount to too much trouble, concussions are always concerning. One need look no further than tonight's opponent to see a prime example of why in Justin Morneau.

The good news is that the symptoms appear to be mild, and that they're obviously taking a cautious approach to the injury. The team seems optimistic, too, with Sean McAdam saying he will likely only miss a day or two. Given a little bit of luck this will be an almost completely forgettable bump in the road for Drew come April. Boston's new shortstop has had some trouble in the past with injuries--particularly the broken ankle that has made him so ineffective in the last couple of years--but when it comes to things like a pitch to the helmet there's not much anyone can do about that.

Jose Iglesias will take Drew's place in tonight's lineup.