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The Over The Monster Podcast - Episode 83: Re-Reviewing the Yankees, Bradley, Bogaerts, The Works

The 83rd OTM Podcast reviews the Yankees in light of their recent injuries and re-assesses their chances in the AL East, looks at Jackie Bradley, and imagines a world with too many Red Sox shortstops.


Spring Training is off and running and so are we, the OTM Podcast people. (Matt Kory and Marc Normandin in case you needed specifics.) This podcast covers a mish-mash of topics. We start with the Yankees who have had a bad run of things injury-wise recently and we get all up into that... stuff. What kind of effect will the injuries to Mark Teixeira, Curtis Granderson and on and on have on the Yankees chances to compete this season? More pertinently, what will that, in turn, mean for the Red Sox? We answer most of those questions forthwith!

Then we turn our attention to some of the brighter lights this spring in Fort Myers. Outfield prospect Jackie Bradley has been turning heads with both his fielding and his hitting. We discuss whether that has changed his timetable for reaching the majors and where he'll start the season. Then we look at Xander Bogaerts and discuss when we might see him in Boston and where on the diamond that will be. Finally, we pull up Jose Iglesias and yap about his off-season and early successes this spring. With Bogaerts shooting up everyone's charts, where does Iglesias fit in? Is it here? Maybe there? Maybe over there? Do we even know?

It's kinda great, it's mostly interesting, it's the OTM Podcast!

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