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Daily Red Sox Links: Andrew Miller, Ryan Westmoreland, Ryan Kalish

Today's links include stories on Ryan Westmoreland's retirement, the risk involved with each team in the AL East, and how John Farrell came to name Joel Hanrahan his closer.

Scott Rovak-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday we learned that minor-league outfielder Ryan Westmoreland would retire, after receiving his second cancer-related surgery in January. Ben Cherington had some words about the former prospect. (Rob Bradford;

Andrew Miller has had a long road to a stable job in the big-leagues, but it seems he may have finally found his perfect fit in Boston. (Peter Abraham;

The AL East figures to be one of the more competitive divisions in all of baseball. Hunter Golden looks at how much risk each team will have to deal with this season. (Hunter Golden; Fire Brand of the AL)

Over at Baseball Prospectus, Jeff Euston checks out the players who are providing the least value, relative to their contract. Guess which Red Sox player made the list! (Jeff Euston; Baseball Prospectus) ($$$)

Almost immediately after acquiring Joel Hanrahan this offseason, John Farrell named him the team's closer. There was a method to his madness of announcing this so quickly. (Brian MacPherson; Providence Journal)

There's a lot of doom and gloom surrounding the Yankees after the announcement that Mark Teixeira would be missing significant time with a wrist injury, but Grant Brisbee isn't buying it. (Grant Brisbee; Baseball Nation)

Ryan Kalish has suffered a good number of injuries thus far in his pro career, but luckily for him, he's had an inspirational friend by his side to help him power through it. (Joe McDonald; ESPN Boston)

Kirk Gibson has seriously done his best to create a Diamondback team in his image, but Jonathan Bernhardt argues that he might be taking the franchise in the wrong direction. (Jonathan Bernhardt; Sports on Earth)