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Josh Reddick And The WWE

Hey, it's not sports, but it is sports entertainment watched by an athlete you know


Josh Reddick is a fan of wrestling. That much is pretty apparent if you follow him on Twitter, or if you've seen his spring training photos. (And you have, unless you somehow missed the image attached to the story you are currently reading.) Right now, Reddick is in a Twitter feud with the WWE's Daniel Bryan over who has the best beard, which is as entertaining as it sounds if you know anything about the two parties involved. Before that all started to go down, though, I got a chance to talk to Reddick about his love of wrestling for one of my other gigs, Sports on Earth. That story ran on Tuesday, and delves into how he got into wrestling, what he's enjoying with it now, and where that belt he carries with him everywhere came from.

Reddick is a former Sox prospect and big-league outfielder, and many in these parts follow his career with the Athletics, and many of those fans still wish he were with the Red Sox instead. While that isn't happening, I hope your continued interest in him makes this story enjoyable anyway, as I had a good time talking to one of my favorite players about a shared interest.

And even if you don't like wrestling, there's a Josh Reddick gif in the story, so really, it's worth your time either way.