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2013 Red Sox Community Projections: Stephen Drew

Stephen Drew has lots of blemishes, and lots of potential. Which will shine through in 2013?

J. Meric

There are a lot of guys with similar stories on this Red Sox team, but Stephen Drew, on some level, epitomizes the strategy. "You have flaws, you have question marks, you have talent. Prove that talent can still shine through."

Shane Victorino may be showing his age. Ryan Dempster has an "NL-only" stigma after his struggles in Texas. Mike Napoli's hip is a time bomb. God knows everyone from last year has some baggage or another. This is a team filled with blemishes just as much as it is a team full of potential.

In 2010, Stephen Drew was a five fWAR shortstop. Growing discipline and a decent amount of pop combined with solid defense at a position bankrupt of talent was enough to make Drew one of the game's best that year. Then he broke his ankle, and it's been a rough couple of years since.

The hope is that Drew is healthy, and can be the rare all-around shortstop that eludes almost every team in the game. The very real possibility is that he will be Mike Aviles at best, and replaced by Jose Iglesias halfway through the season, since he can at least do one thing very well.

The question for today is: which outcome do you think is more likely?