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The Over The Monster Podcast - Episode 85 - Happy Marc Normandin Question Time!

The 85th OTM Podcast discusses the Yankees recent acquisition of Vernon Wells, re-looks at the up-and-coming Jackie Bradley decision, and attempts to discern the best and worst of Red Sox spring training.


It's time for yet another informative episode of the Over The Monster Podcast! In this episode, Matt and Marc attempt to answer the eternal question as it pertains to Vernon Wells: Why? Marc does an adequate job of this, much to Matt's dismay. Snark re-holstered! Then they move on to more pressing but more pertinent matters and discuss the surprises and disappointments of Red Sox camp down in Fort Myers. They are all discussed! So is the Jackie Bradley! Discussed! John Lackey's return! Also discussed! After listening to the 85th OTM Podcast you'll feel like you've heard many Red Sox topics discussed! You may even discuss them with your friends. Friends discussed! Friends disgusted!

Other things you may or may not find discussed! in this episode of the podcast:

  • The ins and outs of the Yankees misery: Discussed!
  • The newest of Pontiffs: Not Discussed!
  • How to make a super souffle: Discussed! Not!
  • Marc Normandin's status as the website's resident Rice Ninja: Mentioned! [Editor's Note: What is this even]
  • The importance of the up-and-coming Jackie Bradley decision: Disagreed On!
  • The over-all awesomeness of Jackie Bradley: Discussed and Agreed On!

For these and likely more than a few reasons I'm currently forgetting, you should listen to this edition of the Over The Monster Podcast!

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