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Red Sox target international free agent Rafael Devers for July 2

July seems far away, but Red Sox scouts are already checking out potential future players


Baseball has multiple avenues for bringing in new talent. While the most significant is the amateur entry draft, there are also international systems in place. In the draft, seniors in high school can be selected and signed, but on the international level, players can be brought in much earlier. If they're 16 years old by July 2 through August 31, they're eligible for signing on that day.

While July 2 is months off, clubs like the Red Sox are already scouting and targeting players to ink at that time. One such player is Dominican third baseman and 16-year-old Rafael Devers.'s Kiley McDaniel reports that Boston is thinking of a signing bonus in the $1 million range for the six foot, 195 pound Devers. While you normally would think of a 16-year-old as having significant growth potential, Devers seems more like a high floor type. McDaniel describes him as lacking projection, but "has an advanced lefty bat that scouts widely believe is the best in the class" and is expected to say at the hot corner as he ages.

McDaniel also has a full scouting report for Devers available. He has an "exaggerated" leg kick that would normally be discouraged among raw prospects his age, but, as McDaniel says, the fact Devers is closer to a finish product on offense than your average 16-year-old changes things a bit. As for his power and his body:

Devers' power is fringy right now but he can hit the ball with authority to all fields and his power already shows up in game situations. This type of power ages well and while he doesn't have physical projection, Devers is young enough that he'll add some good weight and drop some bad weight.

The upside with Devers seems to be "solid everyday third baseman" according to McDaniel, with the downside being that his value is wrapped up in his bat, but the positive being that said value is already present in way it normally is not for kids his age.

The report concludes with multiple videos of Devers, including batting practice, infield, and running a 60 yard dash. We've embedded an at-bat from the Perfect Game World Showcase, which Devers participated in this winter, below. Be sure to check out the full reports, as names like Devers' will be in the news for much of the first half of 2013.