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Injuries Persist For David Ortiz, Stephen Drew

David Ortiz and Stephen Drew are still dealing with their injuries, and progress is slow for both.


We're still two weeks away from opening day, and already this is looking like an injury-cursed team. According to Scott Lauber, the news isn't good on either David Ortiz or Stephen Drew.

David Ortiz won't swing a bat today, as John Farrell initially hoped. Not ready to progress to hitting and certainly not running

Stephen Drew still experiencing concussion symptoms. If they persist another day, he'll see Dr. Mickey Collins, a specialist in Pittsburgh

We already knew David Ortiz was going to miss opening day, but it's startig to seem more and more likely that he'll be missing some reasonable time on top of that. Not even being close to running with just two weeks to go means he's way, way behind schedule compared to every other player who's enjoyed a full spring training. And while it might be easier for a DH to just pick up a bat and get to playing once he's healthy, he's still going to need to get up to speed.

As for Drew, it's looking more and more likely that he will join Ortiz on the April 1st disabled list. Being day-to-day for two weeks is pretty concerning in its own right, but add in a specialist and we're in entirely new territories of concern.

It's not quite time to start doomsaying yet. But we're getting too close for comfort.