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The Over The Monster Podcast - Episode 84 - Analyzing the Back of the Rotation

The Red Sox will sink or swim by their rotation but part of that rotation is in the minor leagues. This week's podcast looks at those guys, analyzes them, and their place on the 2013 Red Sox.

J. Meric

Last season the Red Sox stunk. A good part of why they stunk was their starting rotation. Just about everyone in the starting rotation last season was injured and/or stunk. If they weren't injured then they stunk. And got injured. The pitchers they brought in to replace the pitchers who stunk stunk even worse.

This season there is a somewhat new group of starting pitchers with a completely new opportunity to not stink. But what if they do stink? Who will step into the stinky void and stink or not stink on their own? That, in summation, is the subject of this podcast. Matt Kory and Marc Normandin discuss Boston's sixth, seventh, and eighth starters, the guys who will be expected to step in and not stink. Who will be called up first, and whether this depth will be enough to allow Boston to reach the trade deadline are both analyzed. We hope it's an informative, interesting, and relatively speedy 84th Over The Monster Podcast!

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