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Daily Red Sox Links: Clay Buchholz, Allen Webster, Jackie Bradley

Today's links include stories on Juan Carlos Linares, the strategy for replacing David Ortiz, and whether or not Jackie Bradley should begin the year in Boston.


The pace taken by the pitchers on the Red Sox has long been something criticized by fans across the game, but one pitcher is working to change his ways in this regard. (Peter Abraham;

Timothy Brooks makes the case for Juan Carlos Linares getting a legitimate shot this year with the big-league team. (Timothy Brooks; Fire Brand of the AL)

With the looming absence of David Ortiz at the beginning of the season, John Farrell says there isn't one clear-cut replacement for the slugger in the lineup. (Glenn Miller; ESPN Boston)

Former Red Sox manager Terry Francona finds himself in Cleveland this year, where three formerly hyped players are attempting a comeback of sorts with the Indians. (Gwenn Knapp; Sports on Earth)

Jackie Bradley has been getting most of the headlines thus far in Boston's camp, but another prospect is opening some eyes as well. (Tim Britton; Providence Journal)

One of the best hitters this franchise has ever seen is taking his talents over seas, and our own Matt Kory has some thoughts on the move. (Matt Kory; Baseball Prospectus) ($$$)

Speaking of Jackie Bradley, consider John Tomase among those who believes the young outfielder should start the year in the majors. (John Tomase; Boston Herald)

Albert Pujols has been one of the game's elite for the past decade, but Bill Baer believes that his days as an MVP candidate are over. (Bill Baer; ESPN's Sweetspot Blog)