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2013 Red Sox Community Projections: Jonny Gomes

It's not clear exactly what Jonny Gomes' role on the team is. Will he be an impact player, or wind up on the short end of a platoon?


What is Jonny Gomes?

Is he Cody Ross version 2? As a low-defense masher of lefties with a strong clubhouse reputation and a swing that seems meant for Fenway Park, he certainly fits the part.

Is he simply a platoon player? His numbers against righties just aren't very good, especially for a guy with no real glove to speak of. Still, even if the Sox were in a position to afford luxuries, did they pay $5 million for a guy who was going to be on the short-end of that arrangement?

Perhaps Jonny Gomes is something more. Perhaps he is so perfect for Fenway that lefty - righty doesn't matter so long as it's at home, where the Monster both cuts his territory defensively and provides a perfect target on offense.

Jonny Gomes isn't the most important player on the team. He's not the superstar or the bellwether. But he is one of those guys who, come September, may look like one of the best bargains of the offseason, even if he's limited in terms of at bats.